About me

Cameron & Cycling:

Cameron found the sport of cycling at the age of 14. it quickly became an all consuming passion. After completing a Diploma in Outdoor Leadership & Recreation, he headed to Europe for cycle racing. Cameron raced as and Elite cyclist in Switzerland and Belgium and also raced as a Professional cyclist based in Belgium and Demark. At the end of 2005 Cameron retired as a Elite cyclist. Cameron actually thought this would be the end of his sporting life…

Life after cycling:

After he finished cycling Cameron purchased a Cycle Shop in New Zealand. Cameron owned his Cycle shop for 5 years and during this time completed in Triathlon (mainly Ironman) and started ultra running. In 2010, Cameron sold his Cycle shop and moved to Germany to where his wife is from. Cameron then went on a mission to start Cams World. This meant getting all the qualifications to help back up his years of experence and knowledge in sport.

Cameron working as a full time Coach:

Cameron has coached since he was a cyclist, but it was always done next to what he was currently doing. But in 2011 he decided it was time to make his his hobby into his full time work. This risk payed off, and has had the pleasure of working with great athletes and striving to make them the best they can be. Cameron’s athletes have impressive results and have won races all over the world. He has also qualified athletes for World Championships. In 2015 Cameron also started working as Head Coach of the Wildcats Swiss Triathlon Team. Since being at the Wildcats, Cameron has lifted the team from being also rans, to being one of the most dominant teams in Switzerland.

Teams and some races Cameron has done:

2001 Team Mita-Medic, Switzerland
2002 Team Mita-Medic, Switzerland
2003 ASFRA Flanders, Belgium
2004 CK Kronberg GS3, Denmark
2005 Team Pacco, Switzerland
2008 Ironman New Zealand, Ironman Frankfurt


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